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Are you a talented tradesperson looking for a challenging and rewarding career? Then, Constructive PD is the perfect place for you. We are a leading construction company specialising in landmark projects across Western Australia. We are looking for qualified and apprentice talented tradies to join our team.

Benefits of working with Constructive PD:

If you are a tradesperson looking for a challenging and rewarding career, we encourage you to apply at Constructive PD today.

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Current Projects

Constructive PD is seeking talented Tradesmen, Trade Assistants and Labourers to join our dynamic team. Explore our current and upcoming projects below and get in touch to join the team today.

Metronet Ellenbrook Rail Line

Works include Aluminium and Fibre Cement Cladding to 5 train stations: Ellenbrook Station, Whiteman Park Station, Malaga Station, Noranda Station and Morley Station.

  • Rates up to $45/hr plus penalties
  • Long pipeline of work
  • Immediate starts available

Metronet Bayswater Station

Works include Aluminium and Fibre Cement Cladding.

  • Rates up to $45/hr plus penalties
  • 12 month program
  • Shift work also required on this project
  • Immediate starts available

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Since 2016, Constructive PD has become known for delivering a certain level of quality. We know that quality is a reflection of our people.

Talented people are hard to come by. At Constructive PD, we seek out, celebrate and reward talent – because we want good people to stick around.

Meet Constructive PD

At Constructive PD, we’re passionate about making a mark on Australia’s landmark construction projects. We deliver challenging, innovative and memorable scopes across commercial and heritage building sectors.

Thoughtful construction and fine craftsmanship with a strong focus on design and durability is what we’re known for.

We specialise in facade, curtain walls, screens, fixed louvres, feature timber works, internal fitout, structural timber, mass timber, cross laminated timber (CLT) and glulam (GLT).

From the technology, materials and techniques we use to the people we work with, we value forward-thinking and an innovative mindset.

Not your average tradie job

Working with Constructive PD isn’t your typical tradie job.

Our chippies, apprentices and labourers are guaranteed secure and ongoing work thanks to a continuous pipeline of projects.

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Check out our latest projects:

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We’re seeking expressions of interest to work with Constructive PD on landmark Western Australian construction projects.

We’re looking for talented tradies including:

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