Artwork fabrication and installation is a process that requires expertise and precision. We work collaboratively with builders and artists to bring their vision to life, and we take pride in our ability to create unique and memorable art.

A commitment to beautiful and cleveer design culminates in our work dreaming, designing, fabricating and installing large-scale artworks on commercial projects. Artwork fabrication and installation is a process that requires expertise and precision, which the Constructive PD team has in spades.

Motivated to produce quality and excellence on landmark Australian projects, we work closely with artists, architects and builders to bring their vision to life.

At our metal and timber fabrication workshop, we source best-quality materials and implement innovative techniques to manufacture and install unique artworks for building projects. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen work in close collaboration with artists, architects and builders to design, fabricate and install stunning metal and timber panels, screens and signage.


Our scope for commercial artworks includes:

  • Screens and signage
  • Curtains, walls and louvres
  • Internal architectural finishes


We pride ourselves on our ability to take unique designs from concept through completion. We utilise a range of metal and wood fabrication techniques to turn our clients’ visions into reality, and our team of experts are passionate about collaborating with artists to create impressive and inimitable art pieces.


Learn about some recent commercial artwork projects we have worked on below.

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