Bec joined the team at the start of 2018, bringing with her 15+ years of Marketing, Events & Communications experience, most recently within the training and education industry. She has a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Journalism from Curtin University and is responsible for keeping Constructive PD’s social media and communications tools sharp and witty.

Bec claims she has a lot of slashes to her name: mum/wife/career woman/chicken wrangler/enthusiastic karaoke singer, but it’s her two young children that give her the most drive to get up in the morning. (Although that’s only because they won’t allow her any other option.)  In her spare time, she enjoys catching up with friends and relaxing with a glass of wine. Just kidding… she doesn’t have any spare time, so she drinks her wine whilst power walking with friends to the nearest park to keep the kids busy. #mumlife